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Missouri Funeral Trust

The Missouri Funeral Trust was created by funeral directors and is owned by the Missouri Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association, a non-profit organization. As such, the goal of the Missouri Funeral Trust is to ensure the safety and stability of the payments used to fund your pre-need funeral plan. No consumer has ever failed to receive the benefit of their pre-need funeral contract with the Missouri Funeral Trust.

Benefits of participation in the Missouri Funeral Trust include:
Two Investment Options
The Trust offers its providers two ways to invest their pre-need funds. This allows for diversity and allows each provider to make his own choice.

Easy and Quick Claim Service
The Trust does not require death certificates on death claims. Death request forms are provided and in most cases, checks are issued within 24 hours.

Contract Fees
Yearly contract reporting fees to the Missouri State Board are collected from the purchaser and paid by the Trust to the State on contracts written through the Trust. MFT handles all of the paperwork and fees.

Transferring Option
The Trust offers new providers the option of rolling funds from existing trusts into the Missouri Funeral Trust.

The Trust provides all forms (pre-need contracts, statement of goods and services, authorization to embalm, etc.) that are needed to be in compliance with  Missouri Laws concerning pre-need at no cost to your firm.

Annual Missouri Sellers Report
The Trust is the Seller on MFT contracts and therefore you do not have to file Seller’s reports or undergo the Seller’s audit on MFT contracts. MFT handles that for you!

Quarterly Reports
All providers receive quarterly reports delineating all activity for each contract. This keeps the funeral home well informed on all contract balances.

Missouri Funeral Trust

For Contract Requests and Payment Questions please contact the                      Associate Relationship Manager - Tiffany Freeman                           

Phone: 816-860-7366     Email: mft@umb.com     Fax: 314-968-2266

Trust Administrator - Vicki Gwin Phone: 314-612-8497

Mailing Address Physical Address

UMB Bank Corporate Trust
ATTN: V. Gwin (MS 5410001)
P.O. Box 321
St. Louis, MO  63166-9981

2 S. Broadway
Suite 600
St. Louis, MO  63102     

Payments or documents can be dropped off in Brentwood at:
UMB Bank
9 Brentwood Promenade Court
Brentwood, MO  63144

Contract Data Link: www.axysdata.com/tasmft


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